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    4SL2 # 18631
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- A rare and original model
- Fine mechanicals
- A sporting marque with an interesting history
- No reserve

One of the features of the Aries marquee, born early in the century, was to have been created by Baron Charles Petiet, a passionate automobile enthusiast and a future personality from the world of the automobile. Indeed, he held the office of the President of the Auto Salon Committee from 1919 to 1958, amongst other distinctions. This brand of cars were known to be well made and sturdy, with a 3.0-liter engine, and which competed in the 1927 edition of 24 Hours of Le Mans, where, in the hands of racing driver Laly, an Aries had the lead some four laps ahead of Bentley, before abandoning, just an hour before the end of the race, with a broken timing gear. This performance was part of a brilliant record for the marque in the 1920s, though unjustly forgotten. In the same year, several Aries participated in the category of 1100s.
Purchased from Serge Pozzoli in June 1967, this Aries that we offer is an interesting version of the 1100, with a charming sedan bodywork and a cosy interior whose fabric seems to be original and quite well preserved. Some of the instruments of the dashboard are missing and so are a few accessories (headlamps, carburetor, ignition heads ...) but the essentials are there. The engine is an interesting four-cylinder overhead cam unit, which nicely complements this very unusual body.