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B5 engine Ballot

- A rare and original car
- A marque from Niort
- A nice base for a restoration project
- No reserve

This Barré tourer is typical of the kind of automobiles available on the market in the late 1920s. Given the way the rear is fitted with a floor, wood siding on the sides and a door on one side only, it is likely that either it came originally in a commercial torpedo style, to which a seat was added later. It is relatively well preserved, with its front seats and front door trims. However, the instruments from the dashboard are missing. An old registration is still visible (5116 BB 78) and the car is powered by a four-cylinder Ballot Type B5 engine, number A939.

The peculiarity of Barre was that it was a marque from Niort, which justifies its presence in this collection. Its founder Gaston Barré had started operations in 1890, but it was in 1900 that he created the company G. Barré and Co. For Barré's early cars, the engines came from other engine specialists, such as De Dion, Aster or Buchet, but approaching 1910s, Barré turned to Ballot mechanicals, which had an excellent reputation. In the early 1910s, the manufacturer even participated in some competitions, winning its class several times in the Gaillon hillclimb and successfully completing the Tour de France Automobile in 1912 and 1914. After the war, the company saw a restructuring and its regional brand reputation was based on the practical aspects of its production.
With its attractive wind jammer grille framed by its two headlamps bearing the Barré signature, the tourer looks great and provides a very fine base for an original restoration project.