1957 Vespa 150GS



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Italian registration
Frame No. 7397

- A magnificent restoration
- A sidecar of rarity
- Ready for a threesome trip

The Vespa, the "wasp", has contributed immensely to the popularity and development of the scooter. Designed and launched by Piaggio in 1946, it was perfectly suited to urban use, with its streamlined mechanicals, its front apron protecting the legs and its little back trunk. Its success was such that it experienced a really global reach and, like Frigidaire refrigerator, its name became synonymous with the scooter. Produced in 13 countries through the granting of licenses, by 1988, it reached a staggering figure of 10 million copies sold. Vespa knew a large number of versions, with displacements ranging from 50 to 200cc.
This rare Vespa combo knew a very desirable destiny as it belonged to the same owner from the beginning to 2003. Living in Alessandria, Italy, he was 83 years old when he sold it to the current owner in 2003. Six years later, the sidecar combo received a superb restoration, before being used as an advertising vehicle, in a shop window of a leather shop.
This is a 150cc Vespa, with a three-speed transmission. In this capacity, it provides sufficient power to tow this attractive sidecar, which alone deserves attention: aesthetically, it is particularly elegant with its tapered tip and wide windscreen offering excellent protection to passengers. Additionally, it has a fine half-beam suspension, which gives comfort well above average. Thus, a ride with two (or three) becomes a real pleasure for both the rider and the passengers, who lets himself or herself be carried, tucked away in this rare sidecar...