1966 Suzuki


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1966 Suzuki 150cc S32
Registration no. not registered
Frame no. S32-947
Engine no. 24123

Michio Suzuki's company started life as a manufacturer of silk-weaving looms and did not make its first complete motorcycle until 1954, although these early models were marketed under the 'Colleda' name before 'Suzuki' gradually supplanted the former. In 1956 Suzuki had introduced its first twin-cylinder motorcycle, the Colleda TT, a 250cc two-stroke featuring a spine frame and Earles-type leading-link forks. Before long there were additions to the range in the form of the Colleda SB Seltwin, which came in 125cc and 150cc capacities. From 1963 they were replaced by the S30/S31 and S32 respectively, production continuing to the end of 1967. There are not many S32s left. This is a good, original, running example showing a very low mileage of 4,055. All taxes have been paid, a NOVA declaration made and the machine comes with US title making registration straightforward.