1955 Norton Other



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  • Engine size (cc) 
    350 to 520


1955 Norton Featherbed, built to exacting standards by an aircraft engineer/ inspector. Model 50 engine built by Mike Pemberton of Pushrod Performance with the cylinder head originally fitted to that engine modified with larger valves and a squish band among other details. The Engine is based on the 350 flywheel assembly with a stroke of 88mm, to which is fitted an 87mm barrel as opposed to the original 71mm barrel. Capacity thus rises from 350cc to 520cc. so the Mike Pemberton engine is much the same size but with shorter stroke and lighter flywheels.
The spec is as follows
Front wheel a 1956 Manx replica built by Dick Hunt as a completely new wheel and brake assembly.
Front forks completely rebuilt with most new parts, using Manx length stanchions and Manx yokes with mudguards by unity.
Frame; lightweight Manx replica with minor mods for bracketry.
Swinging arm, lightweight Tony Burgess item with Manx bronze bushes.
Petrol tank is a Unity all alloy item and alloy oil tank made by Royton Road and Race.
Rear Wheel BSA road going conical hub modified to appear as a Manx with new rim.