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1955 Moto Guzzi 192cc Galletto
Frame no. GQ245
Engine no. GQ245

Like Velocette's LE, Moto Guzzi's Galletto (cockerell) was intended to offer scooter-type weather protection and comfort allied to the superior handling qualities of a true motorcycle. But whereas Velocette started with an entirely clean slate for the LE's engine Guzzi kept with tradition, which of course meant an overhead-valve, air-cooled 'flat single' with outside flywheel. The Galletto cycle parts consisted of a tubular steel spine frame combined with sheet metal pressings, complemented by a leading-link front fork and single-sided rear swinging-arm. In scooter fashion the Galletto came with a spare wheel, all three wheels being interchangeable. Launched in March 1950 in 160cc/three-speed form, the Galletto was upgraded to 175cc and four speeds in 1952 and then to 192cc in 1954. A famous Guzzi model infrequently seen in the UK, this Galletto comes from an Italian private collection and is offered for restoration. The machine comes with ACI papers and is sold strictly as viewed.