1992 Honda Motorcycles


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    RC15E 2000531
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1992 Honda GB500 Tourist Trophy
Frame no. JH2PC1603KK000530
Engine no. RC15E 2000531

In its formative years Honda had always preferred twin-cylinder (and later multi-cylinder) engines for capacities of 250cc and above, single-cylinder engines being the norm for road models with a capacity of 125cc or less. In the increasingly important North American off-road market, where the single reigned supreme, Honda and its Japanese rivals began to manufacture them in capacities of 500cc and upwards, a state of affairs that led to the development of a succession of purely road-going derivatives. One of the most interesting of these was the XBR500 of 1985, the styling of which was unashamedly 'retro'. Honda took this concept a stage further almost immediately, launching the GB500 TT the following year. A factory 'café racer', the GB500 looked very British, boasting coachlined paintwork, clip-on handlebars, rear-set footrests, chromed headlamp shell, matching speedometer and rev counter, and alloy-rimmed, wire wheels instead of the XBR's Comstars. The dry-sump, radial four-valve motor featured electric starting and delivered its 42bhp via a six-speed gearbox, while the entire ensemble weighed in at a little under 340lbs. 'It blends a touch of the past with the best of today's technology,' declared Honda of a model that struck a chord with mature riders who hankered after the past but disliked the associated oil leaks, dodgy electrics and general unreliability. Representing a rare opportunity to acquire one of these collectible 'cult' models, the example offered here is presented in generally excellent condition and comes with German Fahrzeugbrief.