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c.1955 BSA 35cc Winged Wheel
Registration no. OBM 458

Cyclemotors were a popular means of cheap transport in the early 1950s, so it was only a matter of time before motorcycle manufacturer BSA, also one of the UK's biggest bicycle makers, offered a suitable power unit. This took the form of the 'Winged Wheel', introduced in 1953. Powered by a 35cc two-stroke engine, the Winged Wheel fitted in place of a bicycle's normal rear wheel, driving the hub via gears and a clutch. The fuel tank fitted in place of the rear carrier. In addition to the stand-alone engine unit, BSA also offered a complete machine in ladies or gents style, equipped with sprung front fork. This example of the BSA Winged Wheel comes with an incomplete original frame and a donor Raleigh bicycle. There are no documents with this Lot, which is offered without reserve.