1976 BMW Motorcycles R 90 S


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Resplendent in Daytona Orange, the first modern BMW superbike that invented sport-touring. Heading the new slash or /6 line-up in October 1973, the BMW R90S shattered forever the perception that BMW motorcycles were simply staid and stodgy touring machines. It represented a new thrust, combining innovative styling and only two colors—Daytona Orange and TT Silver Smoke, both air brushed meaning that no two bikes are identical—class-leading performance, and supreme refinement. And for the first time in the history of BMW production motorcycles the R90S's performance was comparable to that of any motorcycle then produced anywhere in the world.

The R90S was the pioneer and it remains the classic post-1970 boxer. The impetus behind it was one Bob Lutz, the American-born, then BMW sales director, with ex-Ford stylist, Hans A. Muth. If nothing else, it was a styling tour de force. With its twin front disc brakes, megaphone-shaped silencers, twin Dell’Orto pumpers, race-style seat and cockpit fairing, the R90S looked like no BMW before it, and the hand finish to the tank, seat and fairing meant that no two examples left the factory exactly alike. With 67 horsepower on tap, the 898cc R90S was good for a maximum speed of near 125mph.

Only 17,455 examples of the R90S were built in the three model years, 1974, 1975 and 1976, with only 676 units reportedly imported into the USA. And least we forget, a race-prep.

This stunning example was restored by Mark Francois (one of his first) Mr. Francois switched obsessions from Corvettes to one model, the R90S, his obsession.

This example is located in Florida and is ready to ride anywhere, Moto Borgotaro can happily assist with worldwide shipping as well.

Frame no. 4991080
Engine no. 4991080

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