Snapshot, 1962: The Kennedys in shades at the America’s Cup

At the 1962 America’s Cup, an Australian yacht, ‘Gretel’, was entered for the first time. Looking on from their own yacht are President Kennedy and his wife – and most notable are the First Lady’s sensational 60s sunglasses…

For an East Coast president from a first-class family such as John F. Kennedy, sailing is de rigueur. So, it’s hardly surprising that the presidential couple are among the spectators at the 1962 America’s Cup, watching the grand regatta with great interest. Earlier that week, John F. had given a legendary speech at a gala dinner, in which he had highlighted the relationship between humans and the ocean, and welcomed the first challenger from the Southern Hemisphere to the race. Today is a more casual affair, however: JFK wears a navy blue sweater with the obligatory American Optical Saratogas, while Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy is dressed entirely in white, from the sandals to the sun protection. Ultimately, Gretel was beaten by Weatherly from the renowned New York Yacht Club.

Photo: Getty Images

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