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Classic 1970s sports watches from the Classic Driver Market

Even if your 1970s sports car is of the more ‘affordable’ variety – an Alfa Romeo, BMW or Triumph perhaps – your wrist should still be adorned with a matching watch. Our selection shows that you can still have a stylish classic timepiece from a well-known brand, even with a limited budget…

Demand for classic watches is increasing by the day, with their price tags naturally following suit. However, the headline-grabbing, multi-figure sums regularly paid for Switzerland’s finest at auctions across the world only involve certain rare models – you can still own a classic Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre or Omega from the late 1970s (or even late 1960s) for a realistic outlay, as shown below.

Photo: Getty Images

Both modern and vintage watches can be found for sale in the Classic Driver Market.