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The greatest driving routes in the Alps

Stefan Bogner knows them all – a dedicated photographer of 'curves' (the type you find on mountain roads…), he must know every twist and turn of the Alps. We asked him to pick three favourite Alpine roads for a weekend trip to the mountains.


To me, the original, cobblestone Gotthard road is pure art. The Tremola was an important trade route and has seen many travellers come and go. Sparse and powerful, a veritable Neil Young of mountain roads, I love that feeling that the paved surface is ‘handmade’. And, being so close to the Nufenen, Grimsel and Susten passes, it’s possible to travel all four in one day. Next to the Stelvio, the Gotthard is the pass I have travelled the most.



One of the French classics. I only really fell in love with it when I saw it from a helicopter, and then when I travelled its curves alone, without traffic. It is so beautifully designed, there is something almost epic about this road that develops its own rhythm. For cyclists, it’s a number one challenge, but even classic cars start to sweat on its inclines.



A wonderful, long, mountain pass, which was built with tourists in mind and hence there are plentiful panoramic views along its magnificent route. My tip: tackle it very early in the day, or very late in the evening, and definitely in the off-season. The Grossglockner is perfect for an enjoyable cruise: not too curvy, but still sportily challenging. And take a picnic with you.



Stefan Bogner is co-founder of the Munich design agency fpm. Among car enthusiasts, he is best known for his book ‘Escapes - Traumrouten der Alpen' and 'Curves' magazine, exclusively devoted to dramatic roads. Currently, the photographer is on a world tour; his latest adventure can be followed on his blog