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Is it a bird? No, it’s a Porsche!

In a bid to further explore the future of urban air mobility, Porsche has partnered with Boeing, which means that in a world not too distant from the one in which we currently live, the skies above your city could be rules by Stuttgart-bred flying cars…

Porsche has entered the third dimension… of travel. Having identified urban air mobility as a key market segment of the future, the Stuttgart marque has teamed up with fellow industry giant Boeing and its subsidiary Aurora Flight Sciences to develop a concept for a premium vehicle that takes off and lands vertically. The flying car would be framed by a ‘safe and efficient mobility ecosystem’ in the skies above urban areas and co-exist with autonomous vehicles on the ground. Yes, Porsche really believes that after 2025, urban air mobility will gain traction thanks to its lower cost and greater flexibility. For that, we’ll have to wait and see. For now, however, we’re left to wonder whether the 911 of the future will be a master of the skies as well as the roads. Oh, and will there be a Turbo or an RS version? 

Photo: Porsche

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