Models of future Maseratis at the Bologna Motor Show

What will future Maseratis look like? You can see them on display at the Maserati stand (Hall 30) at the Bologna Motor Show.

In November 2002, the 'House of the Trident' set up a collaboration with the European Institute of Design in Turin and gave a group of students an interesting though demanding briefing: to hypothesize about Maserati models in the year 2010 through stylish models made to a scale of 1:4.

The Project Coordinator for Maserati is the Concept Design Manager; Frank Stephenson. The students were asked to imagine the new vehicles keeping in mind the history of the marque and its distinctive stylistic elements, and to bring together class, elegance and sporting spirit. Characteristics that have always accompanied the Viale Ciro Menotti cars.

The best models are on show in a special area of the Maserati stand at the Bologna Exhibition Centre until 14 December. This is a varied project with each model having its own unmistakeable personality: from sports models and unique city cars to exclusive, luxury saloons. This fulfilling experience with the EID shows how the Modenese marque will be perceived in the future, to innovate and develop new technical solutions - as Maserati is doing from the beginning of her history.

Text/Photos: Maserati