London Maserati Photographic Exhibition in July

Maserati has always attracted celebrities. The greatest racing drivers of them all - Nuvolari, Fangio and Moss - all drove Maseratis.

The Aga Khan, the Shah of Persia, Alain Delon, Peter Ustinov and even Eva Longoria’s character in the successful American TV series Desperate Housewives have all been customers. But most of all, the best designers have been attracted to the romance of the Modena machines: Frua, Bertone, Pininfarina and Giugiaro have produced some of their very best bodywork for Maserati, making dull metal sing.

This is an exhibition of photographs of the people - the racers, the stars, the royals, the troupers - whose reputations made the Maserati story. It has been selected from the Maserati archives by Stephen Bayley, entrepreneur of ideas, who also wrote the commentary to the exhibition.

Maserati’s extraordinary charisma is a colourful footnote to the history of design and its relation to celebrity. The people associated with Maserati tell the romantic story of over 90 years of motorsport, design and celebrities. This unique exhibition, using vintage photographs sourced from the Maserati archives in Modena, tells that story and establishes the meaning of Maserati as a compelling mixture of character, glamour, gorgeousness and speed.

The exhibition is titled "MASERATI - EGLI CI HA TANTE STELLE"*. *Meaning "There are so many stars", a quote from Giacomo Leopardi.

Michael Hoppen Gallery, Chelsea, are delighted to host this rare opportunity to view original photographs from the Maserati archives.

The exhibition takes place from 14 July - 23 July 2005 at the:

3 Jubilee Place, London SW3 3TD
Tel: +44(0)20 7352 3649

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Photos - Maserati

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