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Ferrari at the Geneva International Motor Show 2003

Geneva, 4th March - Ferrari unveils the Challenge Stradale to the world for the very first time at Geneva’s 73rd International Motor Show. The new eight-cylinder model joins the existing 360 Modena and 360 Spider and is the fruit of the marque’s experience in the international Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli and GT races.

The car’s strong racing bloodline is plain to see in the considerable weight reduction it boasts, with an all-aluminium chassis and body, carbon discs and an F1-style gearbox. Other weight-saving measures included a strictly racing kit and significant work on the aerodynamics, set-up and braking.

The Ferrari Challenge Stradale’s 3,586 cc V8 engine boasts five valves per cylinder and titanium rods. It punches out a massive 425 bhp too, 25 more than the 360 Modena and the Spider. The colours of the two cars unveiled at Geneva are the new "Rosso Scuderia" used for the Formula 1 single--seater with paintwork inspired by the client racing cars of the past, and "Blue Tour de France" which embodies not only of the new model’s racing heart but also its elegance.

The Ferrari stand (no.1053 in Hall 1)covers approximately 570 square metres and features eight cars:two 575M Maranellos, one Enzo Ferrari, one 456M, one 360 Spider and the two Challenge Stradales, with a final flourish courtesy of the World Championship-winning Formula 1 single-seater.

Ferrari arrives at Geneva less than a month after the launch of its new F1 car, the F2003-GA, dedicated to the memory of the late Giovanni Agnelli, and on the eve of the start of the Formula 1 World Championships 2003, which it goes into with three consecutive Drivers’ and four Constructors’ titles to its credit.

2002 proved a hugely positive year for Ferrari,not only from a racing point of view (15 Grands Prix victories out of 17 races), but also in terms of sales.The Group results for the year indicate a turnover in the region of 1,200 million euro (+14%on 2001)with 4,236 Ferraris delivered to their new owners plus Maserati’s 3,300 cars sold, a record since it joined the group. These data, however, have yet to be confirmed by approval of the 2002 Balance Sheet.

During the year, the New Mechanical Machining Department, where both the Ferrari and Maserati engines are built at Maranello, and the New GES Logistics Area were both completed. Work is still going on at the Product Development Centre and the New Paint Shop at Maranello as well as at the Maserati complex in Modena. The completion of these structures is part of a larger plan known as Formula Uomo which will see all of the Group’s facilities and plant renovated with the aim of guaranteeing improved quality of life in the workplace and an optimal work-excellence result.

Ferrari in Switzerland

Switzerland is a particularly important and stable market for Ferrari, taking up 5 %of the Company ’s overall output. With 241 deliveries to clients in 2002, Ferrari (Suisse)SA holds a 25.5 %in the sports car segment: in fact, the number of Ferraris per head of population in Switzerland is the highest in the world. The models can be divided up in terms of engine type as follows: eight-cylinders 70 %and 12-cylinders 30%, making Switzerland one of the leading markets in the world for Ferrari 12-cylinders.

Ferrari (Suisse)SA is based at Nyon and imports and distributes Ferraris on the Swiss market through a network of 10 dealership.

The Ferrari Challenge - Trofeo Pirelli 2003

Now in its ninth year, the Ferrari Challenge – Trofeo Pirelli has become one of the most serious and highly respected client-driver trophies on the world scene. Since its inception, the Swiss drivers have taken an active part in the European series races.An all-time record of 14 have already signed up for next season.

The Ferrari Club Switzerland

Ferrari (Suisse)SA collaborates with the official Ferrari Club Switzerland. Founded in May 2001, the club has a new structure which organises local and national events for its members. At the moment, 627 Ferrari owners regularly get together for the Club events.

Text & Photos: Ferrari SA

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