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Transcend time and space with Louis Vuitton’s ‘Time Capsule’ exhibition

After a successful debut in Hong Kong, Louis Vuitton has brought its brilliant new exhibition, ‘Time Capsule’, to its second destination — Berlin. Taking place at the French Palais, and marking the 40th anniversary of the company in Germany, there was no better place to kick off the European tour…

Time traveller

Based in the historical centre of Berlin, Louis Vuitton’s Time Capsule exhibit comprises different artistic mediums to document the Maison’s expansive history, from never-before-seen artefacts, trunks from various eras, unique pieces crafted for celebrated figures, light and video installations, and works from French artisans which illustrate traditional leatherworking methods. The five key focuses of the exhibition — Codes of the House, Journeys Around the World, Elegance and Beauty in Motion, Icons of the House, and Louis Vuitton’s Past and Present — demonstrate how Louis Vuitton has anticipated the changing needs and desires of its clients over the last 160 years. But not all the focus is on the past, with some of the company’s very latest designs and creations also on display. To experience the exhibit in its entirety, you must act fast, as it closes on 8 October, when it will travel to its next host destination…

Photos: Louis Vuitton

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