Snapshot, 1976: The Wolfman Cometh

It’s January 1976, and Lamborghini supporter and advocator Walter Wolf is out in Cannes, contemplating the design of one of the fastest and most loved cars of the ’70s, the Lamborghini Countach…

For the self-made Canadian millionaire, there is simply nothing better than a Lamborghini. After years of support, and with multiple Miuras and even an LM002 off-roader in his garage, Wolf was looking for a new beast to take control of. The new white Countach LP400 that just came off the line did not live up to his expectations. He was looking for something a little meaner — something that had some fight, more power, better handling, better brakes, wider tyres — and he was willing to pay whatever necessary to get what he wanted. The result was this: the first of three Walter Wolf Specials, with its immense rear wing, custom Pirelli tyres, and black fenders offsetting the bright red paint. All that’s missing now is the Canadian flag painted on the body, a standard requirement for all of the Wolfman’s mechanical beasts.

Photo: Rainer W. Schlegelmilch via Getty Images