Snapshot, 1969: Veruschka, Valentino and a very voluminous V8

It’s 1969, and not even the sensuous curves and the V8 purr of an Iso Grifo or the grand architecture of the Piazza di San Giorgio can steal the limelight from Verushka von Lehndorff…

The world-famous model is posing for a Vogue photo shoot, wearing a blue silk print tunic and trousers developed by Valentino – that’s the grand Italian fashion house, not the esteemed Lamborghini test-driver, in case you were wondering. Despite the efforts of the man driving the fabulous yellow Iso, he just can’t seem to catch the attention of Verushka. But as they say, fashions go full circle – perhaps in 45 years time, there’ll be no greater car with which to impress a pouty young lady than a bright yellow Iso Grifo. 

Photos: Franco Rubartelli/Condé Nast via Getty Images