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Snapshot, 1965: Give her a hand, chaps!

Sure, the 1960s were a very different time in France – but we’re pretty certain, even back then, that it was customary for the lady to take the back seat in the event of a breakdown...

There’s very little information available regarding the circumstances surrounding this image, other than that it was snapped by a Paris Match photographer during the filming of relatively obscure French movie ‘Déclic et des Claques’ in the mid-1960s. The giggling gaggle of Frenchmen on board appear to be enjoying their ride so much they don’t realise the coachbuilt saloon is being powered not by a large-capacity engine, but rather a petite (and surprisingly cheerful) woman. We’re sure the feminists of the era would approve. 

Photo: Jean-Claude Sauer/Paris Match via Getty Images