Snapshot, 1957: Please children, no fighting!

Le Mans, June 1957. Packed like sardines, the works Porsche Spyders shimmer silver in the sun as they wait for the racing to start. But although, at first glance, all seems peaceful, the atmosphere in the pit lane is far from it...

Between the Stuttgart race cars is a scene from a school playground. It seems that the object of general desire is a helmet and, while we're not sure of the identity of the young man on the left, his counterpart in this 'tug of war' appears to be the Belgian journalist and racing driver Paul Frère. The outcome of the duel is, sadly, unknown; but at least on the track Paul Frère was able to score some success: he took his Jaguar D-type to fourth place at the end of 24 hours.

Photo: Klemantaski Collection/Getty Images