How ‘Paris Match’ presented the stars of the 1968 Paris Motor Show

A Ferrari ‘Daytona’ as a film star, and a Porsche 911 Targa on safari – Paris Match magazine’s photographers got creative in 1968, to deliver the hottest news stories from the 1968 Paris Motor Show…

While today’s motor show stars are revealed in the media seemingly weeks before the main event, with the same old sterilised Photoshop press photos (or worse still, renderings), in the Golden Era of the automobile things were a little different. In 1968, the editors of Paris Match briefed their photographers to capture the stars of the forthcoming Paris Motor Show in unconventional ways, and the results were crazy to say the least. We simply love Jean-Claude Sauer’s staging of the Ferrari ‘Daytona’ as a film star (is there a better car to play that role?), and Jack Garofalo’s vision of how Tarzan might have looked had he driven a Porsche. The Sahara Desert was deemed by Francois Gragnon as good a place as any to present the Fiat 500 L, while the Volkswagen 411 L was given a reception with the entire staff of the magazine. We reckon that today’s manufacturers could learn a thing or two from these fun photos. 

Photos: © Getty Images