Snapshot, 1981: Even Pininfarina’s show cars need their beauty sleep

It’s November 1981, and at Pininfarina’s top-secret storage facility in Turin, the illustrious design studio’s most famous show cars patiently wait for their next moment beneath the spotlights…

From the tiny Cisitalia 202MM Barchetta and the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer to the ultra-slippery Fiat Abarth Record and spaceship-like Ferrari 512 S Berlinetta Speciale, each of the prototypes slumbering in this unassuming warehouse in Turin have dazzled the world at some point or other and kept Pininfarina at the forefront of innovative and outlandish automotive design. It seems a shame to see so many special cars hidden away from prying eyes, but rest assured, their moment will come again. In fact, at the Geneva Motor Show 38 years from now, Pininfarina will present an electrified supercar, not with a Ferrari or Alfa Romeo badge on the front, but a Pininfarina one. And we’ve no doubt some familiar faces from the warehouse will be wheeled out to celebrate the illustrious 90-year history of Italy’s premier design house. 

Photo: National Geographic Image Collection via Getty Images © 2019