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Snapshot, 1974: Once upon a time in Modena...

It is 5 February 1974 – and two workers pose in a Maserati workshop surrounded by endless new Indy and Bora models. But the future of the fast sports cars from Modena is highly uncertain…

Do these workers realise that Maserati is on the financial brink?

In the late 1960s, Maserati saw many new models launched under Citroën ownership, including such classics as the Khamsin, Bora, Merak and Indy. But the oil crisis of 1973 put paid to further expansion and, by the following year, Citroën was bankrupt. In February of that year, the French magazine ‘Paris Match’ visited the Modena factory to take photographs for an article about speed limits, which were being hotly debated at the time. You can’t help wondering whether the two workers in this picture, their arms crossed and stubborn looks on their faces, realise that Maserati is on a financial knife-edge and will soon be taken over (for a few symbolic lire) by Argentinean businessman Alejandro de Tomaso.

Photos: Getty / Paris Match

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