Lamborghini launches PoloStorico heritage division

Lamborghini has brought together its archiving, restoration, certification and spare parts operations to form its new heritage division, going by the name PoloStorico…

According to the Sant'Agata marque, the preservation of its historical archive is one of the cornerstones of the new venture – and the digitalisation of records on models, technical drawings, colour schemes, images and the like is being treated as a high priority. This will not only ensure that this mass of information is safeguarded long into the future – but also that customer cars can be restored at the facility in the most faithful and authentic manner, in terms of both materials and the manufacturing processes used. What’s more, PoloStorico will reproduce genuine parts to replace those no longer available as spares. Finally, the new division will certificate the authenticity of historic cars, much like Ferrari’s Classiche programme.

Photo: Getty

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