Breitling announces a new chronograph exclusive to Bentley Motors

Performance chronograph maker Breitling has, for the first time, made a watch exclusively for the British luxury car manufacturer. Both names consider themselves to be peerless in terms of prestige, tradition and innovation, and feel the co-operation is a natural one.

Breitling announces a new chronograph exclusive to Bentley Motors The key event has been the introduction of Bentley’s newest model, the Continental GT, due to be delivered to lucky customers on the waiting list this autumn. Breitling had not only advised on the dashboard layout but is also supplying the built-in clock for the car. They are also a partner in the Team Bentley programme which will see a renewed attempt to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans this June.

Le Mans has always had a special meaning for Bentley, given their multiple victories in the 1920s, and this year the time-keeping organisation of the Breitling company will be a key part in continuing that success.

Breitling has now announced a dedicated chronometer to celebrate this partnership – named after the Crewe company, with ‘Bentley’ on the face as well as an inscription on the reverse. In addition many styling cues from the internal architecture of the car have been carried over to the watch.

A diameter of 48.7mm ensures the new chronometer is the largest one Breitling has ever made. A unique strap arrangement means it will be adjustable to fit most wrists – a feature which the company has patented. Another first is the central second hand taking 30 seconds to complete a revolution rather than the usual 60. This means exceptional accuracy can be achieved when in stopwatch mode – down to 1/8 of a second.

Full tachometer calculations are possible with the rotating bezel, allowing for the production of average speed as well as elapsed time and distance covered.

The chronometer is available in steel, yellow gold and in white gold (for a limited edition of 50 pieces only).

Text: Jan Richter
Photos: Breitling