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Bodytechnics: New Ferrari Body Repairer in UK

British Ferrari owners in a state of shock after their pride-and-joy has suffered accident damage can be reassured that help is at hand from the latest official Ferrari body shop.

Located just a mile or so from Ferrari GB’s headquarters in Slough, Bodytechnics has invested £1million in a state-of-the-art repair facility that Ferrari GB’s managing director, Massimo Fedeli, described as ‘one of the best, if not the best, I have seen’.

The technical equipment available to the 40+ Bodytechnics staff includes: three spray booths with separate paint mixing and gun facilities, eight Ravaglioli car lifts, a laser wheel-alignment system, and a separate IT section with dedicated-to-Ferrari diagnostic equipment. The latter can ‘interrogate’ the car after a hefty collision and re-set important safety equipment such as airbags and fuel cut-off switches.

All structural repairs employ Ferrari Approved Car Bench Muraena Jig systems to ensure millimetre-perfect alignment of any new Ferrari Genuine Parts welded to existing bodywork. For the uninitiated, the jigs in question make certain that all repaired chassis and suspension components are in exactly the correct position before final welding. And it’s not just current Maranello production that can be repaired – Bodytechnics has the jigs for models stretching back to the 308, being able to repair such rarities as the F40 and F50, too.

After painting, the cars are placed on a unique polishing ramp that allows the technician to polish at eye-level underneath special lighting designed to highlight the smallest imperfection. The result is then subject to final inspection in a dedicated quality control bay.

Bodytechnics: New Ferrari Body Repairer in UK Bodytechnics: New Ferrari Body Repairer in UK

Having had a tour of the facilities at the recent launch party, I can only concur with Fedeli – it’s a ‘hospital’ for cars that, for cleanliness, would put much of the National Health Service to shame.

And I’d fancy the ‘patient-counselling’ is pretty good, too.

For further information, please call +44(0)1753 505900.

Text: Steve Wakefield
Photos: Ferrari GB

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