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Barbarella: Classic 1960s science fiction fantasy

The futuristic ‘comic strip’ film ‘Barbarella’ made Jane Fonda, the director Roger Vadim’s wife at the time, an international sex symbol.

As a piece, the 1968 French-Italian film directed by Vadim and produced by Dino De Laurentiis was a both a critical and commercial failure. It does, however, sum up a genre of international artistic cooperation with some titillation thrown in, typical of the period.

The story is based on the adult comic book series featuring Barbarella, who is given the task of saving a world set in the future from forces dark and powerful.

Barbarella: Classic 1960s science fiction fantasy Barbarella: Classic 1960s science fiction fantasy

So powerful, in fact, that the writer Jean-Claude Forest's heroine’s clothing is subjected to all sorts of other-worldly effects that generally result in its destruction, leaving a writhing and limp Fonda at the mercy of her tormentors.

Good triumphs over Evil in the end, though, as in any good story.

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