Waterdream Limousine Tender

Limousine Tender "venetian taxi boat"
  • Baujahr 
  • Bootstyp 
  • Zustand 
  • Motoren 
  • Landesspezifische Mehrwertsteuer 
  • Bootskategorie 
  • Rumpfmaterial 
  • Außenfarbe 
  • Interior Designer 
    Bo Zolland
  • Rumpfbreite 
    325.00 m / 1 066.27 ft
  • Tiefgang 
    0.75 m / 2.46 ft
  • Standort
  • Gesamtlänge 
    12.00 m / 39.37 ft
  • Max. Geschwindigkeit 
  • Reisegeschwindigkeit 
  • 0
  • Motormodell 
  • Wassertank 


Waterdream is a premium Dutch brand specialising in aluminium boats, which are handcrafted in the Netherlands to clients’ specifications and purposes, be it waterskiing, cruising or any trip on the water.

The company’s latest model is the Waterdream Limousine Tender “Venetian Taxi Boat”. The example featured here is built for a hotel in Amsterdam and uses 6 mm thick aluminium. It is 12-metres long and 3.15-metres wide, allowing up to 12 people on board according to CE. With a maximum speed of 18 km/u and a cruising speed of 8 km/u, It is powered by an electric lithium Mastervolt batteries and a BellMarine drive but can also be diesel or petrol powered.
The underwater ship is capable of going over 40km/u Basic features include a fridge, minibar and toilet, but our ‘Special Design’ team can handle various tailored requirements. For instance an electrical open roof and a stern drive.

The boat was designed by Bo Zolland and handmade in Holland by Waterdream out of aluminium. It's a beautiful design and a newborn classic.
The Venetian Tender is also perfect onboard of larger luxury yacht's as a ships tender, orr as a perfect dayboat.

Because it's handmade it can be specified in the wishes of our clients and be painted in any possible colour.
Boat specifications

Length: 12 meter
Width: 3,15 meter
Beam: 1,80 meter
CE: 12 people
Drive: electric lithium powered
Material: 6 mm thick aluminium

Standard features

– Toilet,
– fridge,
– mini bar
– Handmade in Holland


Price tbd

[email protected] [email protected] Lex Sluyter +31 6 54 22 72 01