Ruote Da Sogno s.r.l.

Kontaktperson: Pellegrino Spallanzani
Reggio Emilia, Italien
The showroom in Reggio Emilia, at the heart of Italy's Motor Valley, has a permanent display of over 1000 classic cars and motorbikes spread over 5500 square metres. A continually evolving collection of unique, perfectly kept and restored examples. The internal workshop, staffed by professional mechanics and experts in the sector, takes care of them to ensure they are kept running perfectly and their aesthetic originality is maintained. The perfect consultancy for enthusiasts, collectors and those who work in the sector. A point of reference for those looking for a personal style, an investment opportunity or simply a talking point. Ruote Da Sogno is the first show-store in the world able to offer a complete choice of all the most prestigious brands in the history of motoring, with immediate availability of classic motors from specific periods, with colour variants and customisations. Right through to the most limited and exclusive editions. Dreams that you can touch, try out and take home.

Artikel über Ruote Da Sogno s.r.l.

Ruote da Sogno bietet hier jetzt über 800 klassische Motorräder zum Verkauf an
Der Showroom von Route da Sogno muss der Motorrad-Himmel sein!

521 Objekte im Angebot

2008 Morgan Aero 8ITa.A.
1960 Piaggio VespaITEUR 10000
1953 Piaggio VespaITEUR 20000
1957 Piaggio VespaITEUR 5500
1953 Innocenti LambrettaITEUR 3300
1958 BSA Bikes 550ITEUR 7600
1975 Moto Guzzi V 7 700ITEUR 17800
1975 Kawasaki ZITEUR 15500
1990 BMW M3ITa.A.
1969 Guazzoni Matta 50ITEUR 7600
1955 Piaggio VespaITEUR 9000
1957 Piaggio VespaITEUR 10000
1956 Piaggio VespaITEUR 8000
1949 Lambretta 125 BITEUR 6000
1951 Innocenti LambrettaITEUR 3800
1953 Piaggio VespaITEUR 29000
1983 Honda Motorcycles CB 900ITEUR 4900
1960 Piaggio VespaITEUR 26000
1962 Piaggio VespaITEUR 7800
1949 Piaggio VespaITEUR 18000