Giro Classico SrlS

Kontaktperson: Giro Andrea
Schio, Italien
The GiroClassico was founded by the enthusiast Giro Andrea and is located in Vicenza in the north east of Italy. GiroClassico aims to provide a wide range of consultative services that can assist you in buying, restoring, maintaining and selling your car in the most transparent way and as discreet as possible. The founder Giro Andrea grew up with the passion transmitted by his family which has always frequented the environment of classic cars putting himself in the management of the family collection by weaving a network of contacts both in Italy and abroad. GiroClassico has always been present in the major events and auctions of this sector, keeping a real and updated vision of the market, leading its own cars in the most exciting regularity races, always keeping the passion alive. Classic cars are the best way to create new friendships and forge the oldest by sharing a seat for over 1000Miglia.

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Dieser atemberaubende Fiat Ballila wäre startklar für die Mille Miglia 2020

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