Kontaktperson: Christophe VAN RIET
Evere, Belgien
For over 35 years, GIPIMOTOR has been your partner of choice for the restoration and maintenance of historic vehicles, especially Ferrari. The story of Gipimotor is closely related to the one of its director, Christophe Van Riet, a passionate man. And passion cannot be explained: it is felt and shared. That secret ingredient has allowed Gipimotor, a prestigious brand, to become a reference in the restoration and maintenance of mechanical wonders, with particular expertise in the field of exceptional Ferrari cars. Gipimotor is also a partner of choice to help you find the perfect vehicle whether to enhance your collection or to grant you access the prestigious world of historic cars in the best condition.

Artikel über GIPIMOTOR

Dieser Ferrari 275 GTB ist der Traum unserer schlaflosen Nächte
Gipimotor feiert 50. Geburtstag des Ferrari 275

13 Objekte im Angebot

1982 Ford Mustang - Gr A Touring CarBEEUR 295000
1971 Ferrari 365 - GTB/4 "Daytona" Gr IVBEa.A.
1970 Ferrari 365 - GTB/4 "Daytona"BEa.A.
1959 Ferrari 250 - GT PininfarinaBEa.A.
1970 Chevron B16BEa.A.
1972 Ford Escort - MKI BroadspeedBEEUR 260000
1970 Mazda Cosmo Sport - Serie 2BEEUR 89000
1971 Ford Capri - RS 2600 Works Cologne / 1971 Spa 24h winnerBEa.A.
2007 Ferrari F430 - 430 GT2BEa.A.
1967 Lola T70 - MKIII ABEa.A.
1975 BMW 3.0 - CSLBEEUR 285000
1976 TOJ SC204 2.0LBEEUR 250000
1976 Ferrari 308 - VetroresinaBEEUR 160000