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Kontaktperson: Bas Speekenbrink
Bilthoven, Niederlande
As a leading European specialist, E-type Center Europe is buying, selling and brokering series 1 Jaguar E-types, Jaguar XK's and other interesting classic cars. The E-type Center was founded through a genuine passion for historic motor cars. Established on a vast experience of the International classic and collectors car world together with an ultimate passion for historic motoring, nowadays we are Europe’s leading specialist for Jaguar E-types and XK's. The E-type Center is specialized in series 1 Jaguar E-type coupes and roadsters and all XK120, XK140 and XK150 and other interesting classic cars. We always have a selection of cars in several conditions, from showroom/concours, through highly original, to good solid driving examples. Most of the cars on offer have benefitted from a recent service where all necessary work is done to create a reliable car that can be driven for many years to come. Our aim is to provide our valued customers the unique experience of owning and driving the greatest symbol of classic motoring in such way that we can build a long term relationship. The E-type Center, with all its experience and knowledge, is a professional and logical choice for all your series 1 Jaguar E-type requirements. If you are considering the purchase or sale of your automobile, simply give us a call and we will be more than happy to discreetly discuss your requirements. It is always possible to visit our showroom, please call us to make an appointment. We can also offer you the service to sell your car on a commission basis. And, if the ultimate car you are looking for is not available in our collection, we can offer you the service to search your car and support in the purchase. If you are in the process of buying an E-type, we can also offer you our inspection and consultancy service. Our activities are driven by an ultimate enthusiasm for classic motoring, the same enthusiasm that many of our international customers have experienced over the years. Focussing on good quality cars builds a reputation that attracts satisfied customers from all over the world. We are located on the beautiful Noord Houdringe estate in Bilthoven, in the center of The Netherlands. Not too far from Amsterdam Schiphol airport and Eindhoven airport, we can always pick you up from and return you to the airport. Please feel free to contact us at any moment. It's always a pleasure to be amongst real classic car enthousiasts! Kind Regards, The E-type Center

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1958 Jaguar XK 150 - OTSNLEUR 125000
1952 Jaguar XK 120 - SE OTSNLEUR 89500
1983 Ferrari 400 - iNLEUR 99500
1960 Jaguar MK II - 3.8 saloonNLEUR 24500
1958 Jaguar MK I - 3.4 saloonNLEUR 37500
1959 Jaguar MK I - 3.4 saloonNLEUR 49500
Firestone Tyres enamel sign map of EnglandNLEUR 1750
Airfix 1930 Bentley 4,5 litre 1:12 model kitNLEUR 450