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TRAVEL TRUNK is a luxurious and artisanal product by Grignola 1966, a leading handicraft enterprise which consecrates itself to the creation of bags, golf bags and accessories with an inimitable attention to details, combining style and fashion from two generation.

Inspired to last century’s travel trunks, this item is a real travelling wardrobe, designed for the most exigent customers.

It is made of high quality leather for storing clothes, provided with wheels to facilitate its transportation.

It features three flip-down drawers and contains up to 4 perfectly hung suits protected by a cover.


- Color and Material: Brown/ Leather

- Misures: 55 x 24 x H 95 (cm)

- All accessories are made of solid brass

DELIVERY: At your home in 21 working days (due to the Artisanal Process). FREE SHIPPING to Europe, USA and Canada