Steve McQueen Mixed lot consisting of original movie props from the film "Le Mans" with Steve Mcqueen and Siegfried Rauch


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Michael Delaney (played by Steve McQueen) and Erich Strahler (Siegfried Rauch) are rivals in the movie "Le Mans". In reality it was the beginning of the close friendship between the German actor Siegfried Rauch and his American colleague Steve McQueen. It followed numerous visits in the USA and by McQueen in Germany. McQueen even became godfather of Rauch's son Benedikt. This bundle contains overall and helmet "Erich Stahler", as well as the steering wheel of the Ferrari 512 S (in the movie the car of Siegfried Rauch). Steve McQueen gave these film props to Siegfried Rauch after the shooting. Additionally the book "Le Mans" signed by the author Rauch, photo album of Karin and Siegfried Rauch with private photos of Steve McQueen's visit to the baptism of Rauch`s son Benedikt, as well as a folder with letters, photos and negatives from the shooting "Le Mans"