The Mechanists - 911 Edition on Irish Green cord


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Model ▪ Fuchs
Year Prod. ▪ 2018
Country ▪ United Kingdom
Body Type ▪ Sterling Silver Wheel
Size ▪ 25mm diameter
Kerb Weight ▪ 6g approx.
Cord ▪ Royal Blue Cord – adjustable manually
Side ▪ LHD & RHD

Limited Edition to 911

The Mechanists celebrates the most iconic collaboration between an automotive and wheels brand. The Fuchs wheels have been associated to Porsches since 1940.

Each Bracelet is crafted by hand thanks to the artisanal savoir-faire of a British workshop.

Limited to 911 units, these pieces are for the fans and the drivers.

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Delivery expected within three weeks