Luxury Petrol Cans/ Daniel Boss / Limited Artworks..


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for sale
the Perfect Collector piece, gift , Decoration Object etc
Luxury Petrol Can/ Daniel Boss
Chanel, LV, Hermes etc inspired
Artwork inspired by the brand... limited edition..
Has nothing to do with the brand itself...
Artwork. In the style of... Metal Can 5 L, 10 L and big 20 L..
Different Versions .. Champagne, Limonade, Flowers, Chains etc
Prices between 1.850 and 2.900 Euro
Available offers and prices on request!!
Most of my artworks was shown 2020 in Monte Carlo/ Monaco
Some are still in Monaco, some in my studio in Germany
Worldwide shipping !!
fore more infos call 0049(0)172-7031660
Or send WhatsApp for infos, pictures, videos and available works
Email: [email protected]
Some are in my offers here..
thank you