LORD Blue and Red Pinstripe with Shiny Maple and Horn Handle


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This LORD Umbrella is exclusively created for FINAEST.COM by Francesco Maglia 1854. It features a Blue and Red Pinstripe Canopy and a Shiny Maple with Horn handle fastened using a single piece of sturdy beechwood wood for the handle and shaft.

This model is the quintessential classical umbrella, created following the English style. It is completely Hand-Made in Italy basing on the highest standards and it takes more than 70 steps to manufacture it.

It is the perfect accessory for elegant men who would like to maintain their sartorial standards during drizzly days in the city.

Moreover, a proper handcrafted umbrella by Francesco Maglia is a heirloom that can easily last longer than a generation and it is perfect as a luxury and unique gift for your friends and relatives.


- Handmade in Italy

- Dimensions: WOODEN STICK 20mm - 8 RIBS 67cm - DIAMETER 115 cm - LENGHT 95 cm

DELIVERY: At your home in 2-5 working days. FREE SHIPPING to Europe, USA and Canada.