Grandprix Originals - Racing Sneaker Iceblue


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Inspired by the unmistakable design and colors of the Gulf racecar. This edition of GRANDPRIX leather sneaker is sure to take the pole position! The color combination of Gulf blue and orange has attained cult status. The best shoe to hit the pedal to the metal with! The Gulf blue is a bit darker than the original making it less apt to show signs of dirt! The Racing Sneaker has been developed to be the best shoe for driving but also for running with precision or just comfortably hanging out for half of the day. It is the ideal companion for all the Drive & Lifestyle events. Its unique design and many details make it one of a kind. The pure natural rubber sole with its special profile modeled on a car tire also arches on each side to protect the leather. The rounded heel, directly inspired from car racing, gives a perfect grip and allows a precise action on the gas pedal. Other extras: the chequered flag design on the rounded heel and the embossed lettering “GRANDPRIX” and “ORIGINALS” on the sides of the sole. 100% cowhide and a careful and precise “Made in Portugal” workmanship in a small factory are the clue for the highest quality.