Berkel Slicer Mod. 9


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Berkel 9h model is buit in the period between 1936 and 1969.

The Berkel model. 9h has a slice thickness adjustment to 15 positions, uses a 319 mm blade. The sliding of the trolley is on the left side through the small metal wheels that rotate on a black Bakelite help and guidance of the carriage is directly merged in the piece of equipment as in the previous model Berkel NL.

The Berkel model.9h is driven by a flywheel closed outer diameter of 340 mm. and the decal is applied in “Van Berkel’s Patent.”

The Berkel mod.9h was originally painted in red white and ivory. The Berkel mod.9h needs a support of 280 mm. Front – 280 mm. Rear – 450 mm. having a total length of 620 mm footprint. Height – 780 mm. Length – 620 mm. in width.
Berkel mod.9h has a net weight of 68 kg