A collection of Veteran motoring books


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A collection of Veteran motoring books,
comprising Gérard Lavergne: The Automobile – Its Construction & Management (revised and edited by Paul N. Hasluck); F. Strickland: A Manual of Petrol Motors and Motorcars, 1907; Max Pemberton: The Amateur Motorist, by Hutchinson, 1907; Charles Jarrott: Ten Years of Motors and Motor Racing 1896 – 1906, by Foulis, 1956 John Henry Knight: Motor Repairing for Amateurs, by Iliffe; ten issues of 'Complete Hints and Tips for Automobilists', from The Autocar, together with some modern reproductions of The Autocar 'Special Red Letter Day Number', No. 55. Vol. I, November 1896 and others.