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Coys Auction - True Greats
Royal Horticultural Halls
Elverton St
London SW1
Tuesday 1st December 2009
Registration Number: N/A Chassis Number: TBC
ometime in the early 1980s, Peter Gregory met up with Ryan Hodges – a fellow Atalanta enthusiast. Hodges owned two other Atalantas and decided to make the spares he had about him into a single seater, much in the style of an ERA. Originally fitting the device with a supercharged BMW 328 engine, it proved an effective combination and in that guise came 2nd to an ERA at Shelsey Walsh in 1976 with a most respectable time of 38.9 seconds. The Atalanta racer was subsequently fitted (after a monumental blow-up) with a BMW 315 engine and finally with an AC power unit. It was in the latter guise when the deal was struck with Peter Gregory. (A good reference to the car in this guise is on pages 26-27 of ‘The Enthusiast’s Guide to Vintage Specials by John Bateman). Sadly a fire at Peter’s South Stoke workshops stalled the proje