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    4 124 km / 2 563 mi
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  • Leistung 
    30 PS / 23 kW / 30 BHP
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The VW T1 Type 2 Samba offered here, popularly known as the Bulli, rolled off the production line on 07 July 1955 and was delivered to PON's Automobielhandel, Amersfoort in the Netherlands on 08 July 1955. It was registered by its first owner on 20 July 1955. Unfortunately not much is known about the exact history of the T1. It has been completely restored and is in immaculate condition. An expert opinion with a grade of 1 confirms this condition.

The VW T1 was repainted in the classic colours according to the factory delivery condition. The interior impresses with an unauthentic but very beautiful Alcantara leather in beige and a large sunroof. The technology is in very good condition and is also very reliable in daily use. The 30 hp of the 4-cylinder boxer engine is surprisingly sufficient. You don't feel like you need more power, though you are happy to have some tailwind when going uphill.

A particularly popular feature of the VW T1 Samba are the 23 windows, which make the Samba an absolute eye-catcher. They provide plenty of light in the interior but also a sense of connection with the surroundings. You could even say that a ride in the Samba feels like a piece of freedom. It makes even the most desolate country roads feel like exploring endless coastal roads of the Côte d'Azur. This VW T1 Samba promises pure holiday feeling!

Special features
• DEKRA Classic Services certificate grade 1-
• TÜV certificate 2013
• TÜV report for classification as a classic car 2013
• Comprehensive restauration
• Very good condition
• Dutch delivery
• Roof rack
• Deluxe equipment

History of the series

The history of the VW T1 begins in 1949. After a year of development, it was ready for the market in 1950 and production of the T1 began. By 1967, a total of 1.8 million T1s had been produced in a wide variety of versions at the Wolfsburg plant and the Volkswagen plant in Hanover.

The VW T1 in the "Samba" version, also known as the "Bulli", was presented at the first post-war IAA in Frankfurt in 1951. Over the years, changes were constantly made, e.g. in 1953 it got a rear bumper, which the other T1 versions did not get until a year later. In 1963, the tailgate was modified and the usual windows were replaced by a large window in the tailgate.

The Samba was almost only available with a two-tone paint job, trim and a clock in the dashboard.

The price of a VW T1 Samba in 1955 was 8,475 DM, which corresponds to a purchasing power of just over 22,000 €.

Nowadays, it is an absolute classic and more in demand than ever, which is reflected in the price of a well-preserved T1.


The vehicle is located in our showroom in Stuttgart-Plieningen, close to the airport/trade fair. A test drive and an inspection on the car lift are possible by arrangement.

The sale takes place on request with new inspection, service and TÜV. We also offer a wide range of accessories for your new dream car. If required, we can also deliver the vehicle to you in a closed trailer.

Opening hours: Mon - Sat by appointment

Carola Daimler Cars is a company owned by the great-granddaughter of inventor and visionary Gottlieb Daimler. We collect, trade and broker classic cars, youngtimers and collectibles with potential and history. We place particular emphasis on quality, history and preserved charm.

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