1958 Vespa 400


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"The Vespa 400 is a rear engined microcar, produced by ACMA in Fourchambault, France, from 1957 to 1961 to the designs of the Italian Piaggio company. Three different versions were sold, the Luxe, Tourisme and GT. The car made its high profile public debut on 26th September 1957 at a press presentation staged in Monaco. The 400 was a two seater car with room behind the seats to accommodate luggage or two small children on an optional cushion. The front seats were simple tubular metal frames with cloth upholstery on elastic 'springs' and between the seats were the handbrake, starter and choke. The gear change was centrally floor mounted. The rear hinged doors were coated on the inside with only a thin plastic lining attached to the metal door panel skin allowing valuable extra internal space. The cabriolet fabric roof could be rolled back from the windscreen header rail to the top of the rear engine cover leaving conventional metal sides above the doors. The 12 volt battery was located at the front of the car, behind the dummy front grille, on a shelf that could be slid out. The spare wheel was stowed in a well under the passenger seat. Vespa is known around the world for its scooters, but few people may know it produced one economy car. The company’s president felt that FIAT’s prominence in Italy should not be challenged, so the Vespa 400 was produced in France.
This wonderful little car is presented in great condition having been restored over a two year period between 2015 and 2017, after it was found abandoned in a barn in Liguria in Italy. Every effort was made to source the missing parts and restore it to as much its original condition as possible. The car comes with a new engine, clutch, interior, brakes and tyres, it also comes with the original French documentation. This is a rare car and to find one restored to this level is a delight. Surely this will turn heads wherever it is driven due to its cute desirability."