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  • Offered from The Jody Scheckter Collection
  • One of the most famous Formula 1 designs of all time—the much-loved ‘Six-Wheeler’
  • Built during the 2000s using chassis 8, an unused period monocoque
  • Past winner at the prestigious Monterey Historics race meeting
  • Fitted with a Ford-Cosworth DFV engine and Hewland gearbox
  • Eligible for historic racing events around the world and a potential front-runner
  • Presented with generous spares package including a spare nose, numerous tyres, various steering and suspension components, plus more

Denis Jenkinson, the revered Continental Correspondent for Motor Sport magazine, was not often caught speechless. One day in the early autumn of 1975, however, Ken Tyrrell invited him to see the team’s new Formula 1 car ahead of its launch – and ‘Jenks’ was momentarily stunned into silence…

The six-wheeled Tyrrell P34 was a pet project of designer Derek Gardner, who had come up with the idea while he was working on four-wheel-drive systems for Indianapolis cars during the late-1960s. A few years later, and with the majority of the Formula 1 grid using the same Ford-Cosworth DFV engine, he revisited the idea. His calculations showed that four small front wheels would offer a significant reduction in the aerodynamic drag generated by two standard wheels – equivalent, in fact, to having an extra 40 brake horsepower.

Goodyear agreed to make bespoke tyres for the 10-inch front wheels, and the P34 was developed in great secrecy. When it was officially unveiled to the world’s press on 22 September 1975, nobody was quite sure what to make of it. Some even suggested that it was simply a PR stunt.

But Gardner’s concept was sound. Patrick Depailler gave the P34 its debut at the 1976 Spanish Grand Prix and qualified 3rd on the grid, while teammate Jody Scheckter was down in 14th place in the old four-wheeled 007. By the time of the Belgian Grand Prix, Scheckter also had a P34 and promptly finished 4th, then 2nd in Monaco—with Depailler following him home in 3rd.

The P34’s crowning glory came in that year’s Swedish Grand Prix, where Scheckter qualified on pole position and went on to take a superb victory. Depailler crossed the line in 2nd to complete a resounding one-two, a result that helped the team finish 3rd in that year’s Constructors’ World Championship. The team continued to race the P34 through 1977 with Depailler and Ronnie Peterson, but Gardner left that year, and in 1978 Tyrrell returned to a conventional four-wheeled layout for the 008.

This particular P34 is chassis number 8, which was constructed by Tyrrell in period and retained as a spare tub in pinned form. By the beginning of the 1990s, Paul Lanzante had purchased the monocoque and other P34 parts before selling them on to Toby Bean in 1992. American historic-racing specialist Bud Bennett of RM Motorsport purchased the project in 1995 and began its completion. While he was doing so, he sold it to Mexican newspaper publisher Rodolfo Junco. The P34 was subsequently driven at the 2008 Monterey Historics meeting by Rodolfo’s son Rudy, who won the 1970s Formula 1 race. It was back at Laguna Seca two years later, this time driven by Bud’s son, Craig Bennett. After joining the Jody Scheckter Collection, this Tyrrell has been regularly demonstrated at CarFest South.

Now being offered for sale directly from the collection of Jody Scheckter, this Tyrrell P34 represents a rare chance to acquire one of the most iconic and instantly recognisable Formula 1 cars ever built.

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