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"Launched as a prototype in 1994; the 'Cerbera', with a name derived from the three headed dog in Greek mythology, was the company’s third vehicle created with Peter Wheeler in command. The Cerbera was not only TVR’s first hard top coupé design but it also came equipped with engines made by TVR themselves, rather than the Rover and Ford engines of its predecessors. There were three different engine options available; a 4.2 and 4.5 V8 in the earlier cars, followed by a 4.0 inline six cylinder in the later cars, all engine variants produced big torque power that gave the 90’s sport coupé the British muscle car status. On top of the monstrous engines, the Cerbera was designed to be as light as possible, weighing in at a mere 1100kg, with no electronic driver aids, this meant it stayed true to TVR’s tradition of high power to weight performance and certainly wasn’t for the faint hearted driver.
Presented in Magenta Pearl paint with Flint half hide and wool carpet interior, this striking piece of British muscle car frames the 90s performance car era exceptionally well. This particular example comes equipped with TVR’s own 4.2 litre acute Vee designed engine, built with a lightweight flat plane crankshaft and individual throttle bodies, it was easy to see the race breed heritage within TVR’s creation. This monstrous eight-cylinder could rev all the way up to 7,000rpm and produced a whopping 360bhp & 320lbft of torque. With an equal length manifold and a sporty exhaust system; it makes a truly fantastic noise that is hard for any enthusiast not to enjoy. This Cerbera also benefits from the other performance focused items such as limited slip differential, AP racing brake system and 17” anthracite alloy wheels. Luxuries came in the form of air conditioning, electric windows and electric mirrors, CD player and power steering.
The history file demonstrates a very good level of careful ownership with six main dealer stamps before specialists took over for a further six entries including the most recent in December of 2018 at 29,481 miles. Viewing is highly recommended for this great British 360bhp brute of a supercar capable, when new, of 185 mph top speed and 0-60 in just 4.2 seconds"

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