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    Cabriolet / Roadster
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Rare TR3 B

· Preserved restoration

· ASI gold license plate

· One of Triumph's most charismatic and fun to ride cars

The Triumph TR3 was introduced in October 1955 as an evolution of the TR2, a sports car meant to compete against Jaguar and MG on the racing fields. Equipped with a 95 horsepower 2-litre engine, brakes and the recessed grille, its distinguishing feature, it was an instant success. In 1956, the TR3 was upgraded with a new 100 horsepower engine and Girling’s disc brakes, the symbol of this British sports car. The following year, the TR3 A was introduced, distinguished by a new front grille design and a modernised interior.

The latest evolution of the TR3 was the "B" version, already built after the arrival of the TR4 and equipped with a 2,138cc-engine, corresponding to a 20% increase in total displacement: this change made the car more pleasant due to its great pick-up. Compared to a normal TR3, the B is rarer and more sought after by enthusiasts because of its charisma and rarity.

This TR3 B was imported into Italy in 1992. Since then it has belonged to several amateurs, including Alessandro Lattuada, son of the famous director Alberto Lattuada. It has been restored over the years and is now provided with ASI gold license plate. The hasn’t changed owner since 2016. Used for rallies and events, it is in excellent condition and ready to be used