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"Even though Jeep had proven to be the go-to choice for American off-roaders and Land Rover had developed a keen following in the UK, Toyota decided to enter the FJ40 Land Cruiser into the fray in 1960 as an affordable off-road vehicle that was ready and willing to take its competitors head on. The FJ40 quickly proved to be an excellent alternative to its western rivals and definitely helped to put Toyota on the map. The car proved to be incredibly versatile and reliable and its styling was cutting edge for an off-road vehicle. The FJ40 was built to be ruggedly worn into the ground over hundreds of thousands of miles and, as a result, highly original examples are rare to find, let alone ones that have benefitted from a complete restoration. Therefore, these examples are seldom seen today and are tremendously desirable among collectors looking to add an element of fun to their collection.
Presented in green with a black interior and imported from Georgia, USA, this wonderful example underwent a restoration in 2015 by the world renowned Custompower Group Inc. It is powered by a powerful small block Chevrolet V8 mated to a manual gearbox which provides more than adequate power when required. This Land Cruiser is fitted with special off-road professional rock climber equipment including special shock absorbers, tyres, low ratio differential and gear box. This iconic 4x4 has also been equipped with a roll cage and a front mounted electric winch. It has spent much of its life in California and was imported to the UK in 2018 and later acquired by our vendor in 2020 in which time he has spent circa £3,000 on various maintenance work insuring it is in good running condition. In wonderful condition this off-road example will be huge amounts of fun in the summer months, it would be great to take to the beach or just cruise the countryside.

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