1976 Suzuki GR 650


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"The Suzuki design team took a while to develop the A50P in to the form that we know it best, both the Yamaha FS1 and Honda SS50 series were getting long in the tooth having been in the showrooms since 1972 and were very well established before the pedal equipped Suzuki ever took to the streets. The basic 50cc version of the Suzuki disc valve machine, like the Honda and Yamaha, had been around since the late sixties, but it was only with the introduction of the pedal equipped version that the learner riders of the UK could legally get a hold on one. When it did arrive the impact upon the teenage populace was major to say the least, the Suzuki looked bigger and felt far more solidly built than anything else around at the time. It was brisk with top speeds genuinely in the half a century mark.
This Suzuki looks well in red and is described by the vendor as being in mint condition. As his first bike was an AP50, this purchase represented a trip down memory lane for our Vendor. First registered in April 1976 this good condition starter bike is offered to auction with a V5C registration certificate."