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    2 989 mi / 4 811 km
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"The Standard Motor Company was founded on 2nd March 1903 by R. W. Maudslay. He was a civil engineer by profession but realised the enormous potential of the horseless carriage and became a motor manufacturer, establishing a small factory in Coventry. He employed seven people to assemble the first car powered by a single-cylinder engine with three-speed gearbox and shaft drive to the rear wheels. By the end of 1903 three cars had been built and the labour force had been increased to twenty five. The increased labour force produced a car every three weeks during 1904. In 1914 Standard became a public company.
This Standard Nine is a charming example of the marque. Originally registered in May 1931 this delightful little car runs and looks well in black. Swing open the ‘suicide’ doors to reveal a newly trimmed red interior. The appearance is enhanced with red spoked wheels with a spare externally mounted to the rear. The Lucas dashboard dials appear original as does the temperature gauge bonnet mascot. This Standard Nine is offered to auction without reserve.